Ranking UEFA: Milan up 5 positions

The good result in Austria has not gone unnoticed. AC Milan have gained 5 positions in the new Uefa ranking but are still way below.

In the past, the Italian teams faced the Europa League with unfortunate discomfort. This time is happening exactly the opposite. As reported by La Repubblica today, while Juventus, Napoli and Roma have stumbled in Champions League, AC Milan, Atalanta and Lazio have exaggerated in Europa League: three wins, 11 goals scored and improved Uefa score for nations.

The distance from Germany is now just 0.916 points, and England is pretty close (1.666 points above). The fourth place in Champions League for the Italian clubs (starting from next season) was gained politically, but this endowment will be revised in two years, so it is advisable to secure it. Regarding individual teams, AC Milan has already earned 5 positions up in the ranking (currently are 57th), which will count while designating the group heads in the upcoming Champions.