Ronaldinho talks AC Milan, Scudetto chances and differences with his team

Ronaldinho remains a big supporter of AC Milan and believes the Rossoneri will lift the Scudetto title at the end of the season.

Ronaldinho is one of the most iconic football players of recent years. The Brazilian might not have spent the best years of his career with AC Milan but he still showed flashes of his footballing genius during his two and half years with the Rossoneri.

The former attacking midfielder was recently interviewed by La Gazzetta dello Sport. Ronaldinho talked a lot about his period at AC Milan and the Scudetto possibilities of Stefano Pioli’s squad.

Maybe we wait for it to be mathematical to say it. What is certain is that I have remained a great Milan fan and I always follow the Italian league closely. But I think it could be the right year for Milan to win it“.

The last Milan champion of Italy in 2011 was a team full of stars and champions of which, for the first half of the season, Ronaldinho was also part. The Brazilian, who was later sold to Flamengo in January, remembers that team fondly and traces its differences with the current Rossoneri squad.

It’s true, the Milan where I was playing had many great players, but there are some in this team too. What prevails today, however, is the concept of the team, which is exalted in a great tactical organization. For this reason, like us then, they manage to do a great job“.

However, there is a similar face between these two teams his name is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Brazilian and the Swede, teammates for a few months, showed flashes of their genius and Ronaldinho’s memory of the current Rossoneri number 11 is highly positive.

Zlatan is a great friend of mine, but despite being forty he is doing well and doing well for Milan. Winning another Scudetto at his age would be great for both him and for the club.” The years pass but the love for Milan and former teammates remains untouched. Pioli’s team has an extra fan until the end of the Scudetto.

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