The new Club World Cup is born: Milan invited in first edition

FIFA’s new version of Club World Cup will start in 2021 and AC Milan will be invited to participate along the most successful clubs in football history in its first edition. 

The new Club World Cup is about to start. Today La Gazzetta dello Sport reports that the special tournament will be held every four years starting from 2021. It will be played in the second half of June and 24 big name teams will attend, the teams will be divided into eight groups (the winners of each group will move to the knockout phase).

The first edition will be by invitation and the most successful clubs in football history will participate, including AC Milan. The new Club World Cup will bring important revenues to the teams involved. We are talking about almost two billion of euros for each edition, with only the participation to be worth about 60 million, while the winner can collect up to 130-150 million.

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