The reasons why Leonardo Bonucci wants to leave Milan

The negotiations between AC Milan and Juventus for the transfer of Leonardo Bonucci back to Turin is about to be closed soon. But why does the Rossoneri captain want to leave San Siro just one year after his shocking passage to AC Milan? 

Today, La Gazzetta dello Sport explains in detail the motives behind Bonucci’s decision to leave AC Milan after only one season? The illusions were great at the beginning, the Chinese ownership had promised Leo a great Milan, able to qualify for Champions League and challenge Juventus for the Serie A title in a short time. Pure fantasy, that fact is that the Rossoneri were never capable of even fighting for the forth place. UEFA’s Europa League ban and the troublesome corporate issues were the last nail in the coffin.

But the truth is that Bonucci has never really settled in Milano. His family has preferred to live in Turin, he himself was not even willing to look for an apartment, preferring to live in the hotel as a tourist instead. As an exemplary professional, however, he has always honored his commitments, and the captain armband perhaps starts to look more like a burden than an honor.

His relationship with Vincenzo Montella was never idyllic, the arrival of Gennaro Gattuso was a partial improvement but the collapse of the Chinese ownership and the sacking of those managers who had strongly wanted him at Milan seem to have been the closing argument.

Bonucci in June asked his agent Alessandro Lucci to inquire about offers for him, starting with the pressing from PSG to the crazy but concrete idea of a clamorous return to Juventus. Disappointments, bitterness and that constant thought of not having honored the shirt. Bonucci is defeated by the AC Milan adventure, aware that his place at the age of 31 is elsewhere.

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