Theo Hernandez’s market value skyrockets

Theo Hernandez has transformed into AC Milan’s leader and top scorer. The French defender has already doubled his market value in just four months.

Once upon a time he was labelled a bad boy. Today, Theo Hernandez, AC Milan’s best summer signing, is an undisputed leader who managed to relaunch his career. Of the “hot head” famous in Spain, there is no longer even a shadow. Impeccable, on and off the pitch.

His talent was never in doubt but now the French right-back has matured. Stop to outbursts of rage and various problems finally devoting himself only to football. With this rate, at AC Milan, Hernandez can reach new heights and cement himself as one of the best full-backs in the world.

A great deal for the Rossoneri that bears the signature of Paolo Maldini. After all it was the Rossoneri technical director who flew Ibiza to personally convince him to join Milan. The legendary Milan captain was decisive in the player’s decision to leave Real Madrid. Theo Hernandez accepted a move to a struggling AC Milan side rejecting offers from Napoli and Bayer Leverkusen who were willing to pay him more.

According to Tuttosport, the market value of Theo Hernandez has more than doubled. Theo was purchased for 20 million euros in the summer but now he is rated at €50 million. Ivan Gazidis can therefore smile, as he sees in the 22-year-old the prototype of the player he wants: young, futuristic and with potential for great capital gain.

There is only one flaw where Theo must improve: his defensive work. He boasts better numbers that Piatek and Leao in attack with 4 goals and 1 assists but should contribute more in defence. However, that’s something to be expected considering his strong presence up front. If Theo starts to lower his yellow card numbers it would be another plus. But what is certain is that Hernandez has already conquered the entire environment in just four months. Real Madrid now regret the hastiness with which they offloaded the 22-year-old defender concludes Tuttosport.

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