UEFA test today: all the possible scenarios

Today will be an important day for AC Milan who will meet with UEFA in Nyon to talk about the Voluntary Agreement and present their development plan for the coming years, where all the possible scenarios are foreseen, up to the worst. Among them, the Champions League qualification with 50 million euros guaranteed of revenue, Europa League qualification and then the gains from the Chinese market.

The main objective is to convince UEFA to grant the Voluntary Agreement, a pact that would allow Milan to be free of debt-related penalties, but would oblige the rossoneri to submit a re-entry plan that, if strictly respected, would eliminate any possibility of sanctions. This is the first time that a European club submits to the Voluntary Agreement.

UEFA does not want to risk favoring AC Milan too much, a club that has accumulated a lot of debt in recent years. In the case of a possible refusal of the voluntary agreement, talks will restart in spring about the Settlement Agreement, the one already followed by Inter and Roma. This new agreement allows UEFA to propose sanctions to be applied for the 2018/19 season and with little negotiation possibilities. In this case, the sanctions could concern the block of the mercato, as an obligation to restrict the number of players in the team. The decision could come today or before Christmas. The situation also includes an intermediate scenario, the temporary suspension of sanctions, with a number of constraints to be respected and that, if ignored, they would trigger the settlement.

An important step will be that of Elliot’s refinancing of the debt: the new financing will last for five years and the figure will be higher than that provided by Elliot.

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