AC Milan clash with Italy national team over Cutrone

After the amazing 20 minutes performance against Olympiacos in Europa League AC Milan striker Patrick Cutrone has been called-up by the Italy national team.

Tuttosport newspaper, on newsstands this morning, focuses on the call-up of Patrick Cutrone. Italy coach Roberto Mancini has summoned the 20 year old AC Milan striker for the upcoming games of the Italian national team against Poland and Ukraine.

While at any other time this call would have filled Milan with pride, at this moment it risks to unleash a little chaos. Patrick’s ankle, in fact, has not yet completely healed, and the Rossoneri hoped to take advantage of the international break to allow the boy to recover calmly.

Mancini, however, wants Patrick with him and does not understand why a footballer who played more than half an hour on Thursday, scoring two goals, can not be available for the National team. Cutrone, therefore, will respond to the convocation, then the Azzurri medical staff will decide what to do.

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