AC Milan’s goalscoring chart so far

With the beautiful goal scored at San Paolo against Napoli, Alessio Romagnoli climbed to two goals this season, reaching Calhanoglu, Kessie and Rodriguez in this year’s goalscoring charts. While Andre Silva has been devastating this season in Europa League he has yet to find his first Serie A goal. AC Milan’s best player so far, Jesus Suso is the most constant among the rossoneri’s.

6 goals: Andre Silva (Shkendija (2), Austria Wien (3), Rijeka), Suso (Crotone, Cagliari, Austria Wien, Inter, Chievo, Sassuolo)

5 goals: Cutrone (Craiova, Shkendija, Crotone, Cagliari, Rijeka),

3 goals: Kalinic (Udinese (2), Chievo), Montolivo (Shkendija (2), Lazio)

2 goals: Calhanoglu (Austria Wien, Chievo), Kessie (Crotone, SPAL), Rodriguez (Craiova, SPAL), Romagnoli (Sassuolo, Napoli)

1 goal: Antonelli (Shkendija), Bonaventura (Craiova), Borini (Shkendija), Musacchio (Rijeka)

Owngoal: Cesar (Chievo), Handanovic (Inter).

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