Borussia Dortmund insisting to sign Ricardo Rodriguez: the situation

After a season full of ups and downs AC Milan left back Ricardo Rodriguez has finished in the orbit of Borussia Dortmund who want to bring him back to Germany.

According to the latest news reported by, Borussia Dortmund are considering Ricardo Rodriguez as a possible reinforcement for the left back position. The German club is looking for a new full back and in the next summer transfer window will certainly buy one. The Swiss defender has already played in Germany with Wolfsburg in the past and therefore is familiar with the Bundesliga, therefore, an ideal candidate.

But apparently AC Milan has no intention of selling the 25 year old. As mentioned previously, the Swiss defender is an esteemed figure at Milanello and the Rossoneri want to rely on him again for next season. Also because the club and Gennaro Gattuso have plans for purchases in other positions. For the left-back role there seems to be no intention to signing a new starter. Only Ivan Strinic, who will leave Sampdoria as free agent, has been blocked to replace the departing Luca Antonelli and act as a reserve for Rodriguez.

Borussia Dortmund is inquiring about the situation of the former Wolfsburg but could decide to change direction if the Rossoneri continue to rest their attempts. Only an offer of 30 million euros could tempt AC Milan. The situation will be more clear in the coming days with the transfer market that will enter in a more vivid phase. Last year AC Milan invested 18 million for Rodriguez.

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