Montella shaping the new Milan and the Spalletti taboo

The derby is coming. Vincenzo Montella is experimenting to find the right formula for a Milan that will face an Inter led by a coach he has yet to defeat.

When a coach receives lots of gifts from the summer transfer window, he can be happy on one hand for the good reinforcements, but in trouble because he will have to do twice the job to amalgamate them right.

This is the case of Vincenzo Montella, literally rewarded by his executives with 11 summer hits, but obviously committed to finding the right formula for his new Milan. Today, Il Corriere dello Sport talks about experiments and intensive work still underway, as the rossoneri’s performance for now is far from satisfying and continuous. Next is the upcoming Sunday derby and these days Montella will have to do his best to find the right formation, schemes and hierarchies and create the ideal AC Milan to compete with the big teams of the league. In this regard, a turning point is expected, as the two matches against Lazio and Roma, the rossoneri came out defeated.

Suso, Bonaventura, Montella
Suso, Bonaventura, Montella

The parallelism with Inter and coach Luciano Spalletti is that the latter is considered to be the strong point in nerazzurri’s growth, while Montella is quoted as a “small chemist” busy with module experiments. The difference in the performances of Inter and AC Milan is all in this seasonal approach, easier for the Tuscan coach who also boasts a positive head to head against Montella: three wins on three matches, all on the bench of Roma. It is now up to Vincenzo to begin to reverse the course.

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