AC Milan offer new job to Paolo Maldini

Luis Campos will not come to the Rossoneri. AC Milan have offered Paolo Maldini the opportunity to succeed Leonardo as technical director of the club, Gazidis has confirmed.

In a long interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, AC Milan CEO, Ivan Gazidis outlined Elliot’s project for the future of Milan. Gattuso and Leonardo have left the club while Paolo Maldini has been offered Leo’s job as technical director. Gazidis confirmed that Luis Campos will not come to Milan and hopes the former centre back will accept Milan’s proposal.

I never thought of Campos, he is an employee of Lille, where he is doing well, and he will not come to Milan. I want Maldini to do what the press expected Luis Campos to do at Milan. I would really like Paolo to stay with us and help me in this great challenge with an increasingly central and important role. I admire him immensely. He represents the values ​​and culture of the club. Not in ethereal motion, but for real. You see Maldini and you see Milan. He is ideal for managing the technical area. He will have a staff around him.

Not a facade role but absolutely central in technical choices. I don’t ask him to do everything by himself. He will work in group, he will be supported and helped, he can give us a lot. It has been a tiring season for everyone and even Paolo asked for time to reflect and understand if he has the right energy to start again with this difficult, arduous project, which requires the utmost commitment. He must feel it 100%. This is the condition for anyone who wants to come to Milan. But in the case of Maldini he must not come to Milan, he is Milan… “.

Gazidis also comments on the coach: “I don’t want to think of other profiles other than Maldini. I’m waiting for Paolo’s decision, then we’ll appoint the coach and sign players. The new coach will be chosen with care. No matter the age or nationality, it matters that he is suitable for what we want to do and build.

In my experiences as a football manager in the United States and England I have never boasted of technically judging a player, but I know how to study the profiles of those who are suitable for playing a role in a structure. The choice of the coach, with the help I hope of Maldini, will be done calmly, studying every detail: history, personality, profile, results, statistics. We don’t want to miss anything. We have a long and challenging game to play. I’m sure we’ll win it“.

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