Saelemaekers backs two teammates to become future Ballon d’Or winners

AC Milan winger Alexis Saelemaekers admits he needs more goals and backs two teammates to become future Ballon d’Or winners.

With which teammates do you play Playstation? “Tonali play a lot, Maldini. Ibra plays too, but he prefers to play Fortnite, I don’t like it.”

What is football for you? “For me it’s a game, people come to the stadium also to see you play like a tunnel. It’s important to have fun when you play, as well as obviously doing what the coach asks me.”

What do you need to improve the most? “I know I have to score more goals, I’m working hard for this. I know it’s important for the team too, that’s what a forward has to do.”

Is it better to make an assist or a goal? “I prefer to assist, but it would be better to do both.”

What does you tell us about the hug with Cristiano Ronaldo after Milan-Juventus 4-2? “A dream that I didn’t realize directly. When I got home they asked me about that hug and it was very nice and I was very pleased. Ronaldo is a great person. A quality I would steal from him? The ability to score goals in all matches”.

Why are you wearing the number 56? “56 is my first number when I was at Anderlecht. From then to now it brought me luck. I’m a bit superstitious and when I see that something works, I do it again. When I enter the pitch I make two jumps to the right and then a leap in the air with both feet”

Is there a player of this squad who could win the Ballon d’Or in 5 years? “I think it will be a bit late for Ibrahimovic (laughs, ed). I would say Daniel Maldini or Rafael Leao. Because they are phenomena. I really like to see them play, they have many qualities and they are not yet in the best moment of their career but they will soon become phenomenons“.

What are your best qualities? “I can’t say I’m stronger than someone else but I don’t like talking about myself. I prefer to do my job, I know what I have to do and how to work but I don’t like talking about myself”

Have you ever thought about making a single with Leao? “No I don’t think about a single with him (laughs). I don’t know if I sing better or him. I like to dance, I like afro music. I think I’m better at singing than him but I let him think otherwise to boost his confidence (laughs).

Your biggest fear? “The devil. I didn’t know what to say”

Who was your idol as a child and why? “Ronaldo because for me he was one of the strongest players”

Who is the slowest teammate to respond to messages? “Bennacer”

What kind of goal do you dream of scoring? “A header, too hard for me”

The teammate who listens to the worst music? “Calabria. Listen to Electro. He put the music in the locker room once and it was the first and last time”

The strongest player in the world in your role? “Salah. Every ball he touches, it seems to be his best friend. He doesn’t make any mistakes, he does everything with great ease and scores a lot of goals and assists. I’m working on this too to improve.”

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