Gazzetta: The last minute attempt of Mr Bee to buy Milan

Yonghong Li is enjoying a turbulent time as president of AC Milan but things could have been different if Berlusconi had accepted the offer of Bee Taechaubol.

Remember Bee Taechaubol, the Thai broker who disappeared from the radar in December 2015 after having negotiated the purchase of AC Milan club for over a year? Well, according to what La Gazzetta dello Sport reports, Mr. Bee was back on stage a few days before the closing with Yonghong Li. An important international investments bank called Fininvest (the company that owned Milan) and guaranteed a new partnership with Bee Taecheaubol with backing from Qatari capital.

Essential condition for the operation: close any relationship with Yonghong Li. The new buyers would respond fully to the requirements of Silvio Berlusconi, but to complete the ownership transfer several months were needed, maybe a year. And this would force Fininvest to burn even more money on football. Hence they decided to move forward with Yonghong Li who now is under investigation for money laundering.

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