Why Milan cannot dominate Serie A with a brilliant squad

The Serie-A is looking competitive for the first time in years and the pendulum is rather looking to favor Naples rather than the resurgent AC Millan, who was touted by the Ohio sports betting promos as the favourite to lift the Italian most-priced football gong at the end of the current campaign.

Despite the trust of many bookies and pundits, AC Millan is struggling to exert their influence on the league despite taking the second spot on the log behind the in-form Napoli with 8 points after 15 runs of matches in the league.

With consistent inconsistency, AC Millan is supposed to be the team that dominates the Italian league after the fall of Juventus domination in 2020 and while the Rossoneri is fairly inconsistent, Napoli is taking the shape to grab what could have been the turn of AC Millan in Italian sphere of team’s domination.

While the Rossoneri have the herald of young and vibrant players that could view the beautiful game for years. Below are the four reasons why the inconsistent gameplay of the San Siro’s team will not allow them to grab the domination opportunity left for them.

Milan are not making marque signing like Juventus and Inter Millan

Winning the league was a major boost for the team that have been struggling over the years and the league triumph might have provided the struggling AC Milan some benefit to lift of the financial incapacitation that have plague them over the year.

Yeah! Winning the league is great, but winning the league after some turbulent period is just the beginning of what could be a turn around time for a club as giant as AC Milan?

While the team is looking to consolidate the turnaround to the elite, the likes of Juventus and Inter Milan have already making waves with statement signing as the likes of Paul Pogba found it way back to the Turin club, Angel Dima aria was recruited by the old ladies. However, the likes of Lukaku was resnatched by the San Siro rival, Inter Milan to add steal to their already leather attack snatched to make the league theirs at the end of the campaign.

Moreover, the money that came in from the Champions League is tempting to splash, but Milan has been prudent with the recruitment method as they have been clever in their market dealing while trying to improve the team quality and avoid a stand still. Though, the AC Milan structure is plausible but their rival is improving the team quality for short-term and long-term fixes to extend fixes domination. Thus, the lack of spending power will affect Milan’s dream of maintaining the stardom of Italian power for so long

The rise of the Naples

Since the advent of Diego Armando Maradona from the pulpit of Napoli worship, the sky blue team have been having difficulty maintaining their status as one of the elite teams in Italian Serie A. It has been degraded as a team that could only of Champions League qualification as a means to measure a successful season.

Though there have been tides of excellence during the era of Sarri which made the Naples contest on numerous occasions for the most price trophy in Italy, on every turn, Naples is left heartbroken.

However, since the dawn of the new campaign, Napoli have resuscitated it’s the hope of reclaiming the title they last had in over 30 years ago, leaving their counterparts helpless on and off the pitch.

Furthermore, the rise of Napoli, is like a thunderstorm that shatters the hope of many Rossoneri fans, because it’s the only consistency that overshadows the inconsistency of not only Milan’s team but the likes of Inter and Juventus also, in the state to be champions of Italy, yet again.

Ageing Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The big swede is no doubt an important factor in the rise of the Rossoneri in recent times. Since the return of Zlatan Ibrahimovic to the fight of San Siro, AC Milan has strides from strength to strength which a reflect in the run of form from a struggling team making a comeback to nearly qualifying for the champions league in than half a season a big impact

More so, AC Milan could have gone overboard in a leap as it nearly claim the league in the following season until they falter, based on the trend of their inconsistency which later gives Juventus the chance to shine once again.

More importantly, the following season saw continuity as Milan came second behind their eternal rival and nosy neighbour the chance to shine once again, but the qualitative leap never end in there as the iconic red and white team went for it in the 2021-2022 season to be the champion again after more than 10 years

The essence of change in the team’s attitudinal template could be inferred on the arrival of Ibrahimovic and since the dawn of injury crisis, AC Milan have been in the baptism of inconsistencies again and again despite he team’s share of quality. Thus, the essence of Ibrahimovic presence in the team is simply beyond the round of another player but a leader and energizer who can aid the resurgence of Milan into another Serie A domination but his age is simply a factor that ensure the opposite


One of the major why Milan is n topping the Serie A take is the fact that the team is largely inconsistency with their game. The Rossoneri is often caught in their game and always failed to bury the game when it should.

Sometimes, the team play like a champion, dominating the game, playing from the front foot like a champion do and some other times, Milan play kike a scared team not wanting to loose a point but still need the three point and makes them more scared of achieving the result

What made Juventus so deadly during their reign as the Italian mega power blazing all Serie A team away, winning the league for nine consecutive times is the usher of believe as the biggest team in the league is a frightening power that ensure their donation and Milan is lack this believe

Thus, the lack of belief as make sure that Milan is mostly inconsistent and less decisive when it should, leaving a room for it you counterpart to survive the scare.

To be an emperor of the game, their must be consistent performance which could gave them the power to scare the opposing team before the game even start, and the lack of this power is one of the major reason why Milan might not be dominating the league like Inter did during Mourinho era or Juventus despite their current inconsistent performance.