3 Youngsters of Milan Primavera that are shining with Gattuso

AC Milan Primavera continue to thrive under the guide of Gennaro Gattuso and now find themselves near the top of the table.

After a rather complicated start of the season, Rino Gattuso’s Primavera team has found the proper balance and is now only one point away from Atalanta leading Serie A Primavera standings. According to Tuttosport, there are three young rossoneri who have excelled up to this point, namely and most notably Tiago Dias, a right winger arrived in the summer from Benfica and considered by many as a future star.

The two others are Raoul Bellanova, 17 years old right back gifted with great pace and physical strength, and Axel Campeol, 17 year old left back that can play both in a defense of three and as left midfielder.

Gennaro Gattuso
Gennaro Gattuso

Last summer the new Chinese ownership invested a lot even for the youth sector signing several promising prospects from around Europe including the likes of Przemyslaw Bargiel, Sergio Sanchez, Jörgen Strand Larsen. The club hopes that with the help of an experienced and former Milan player like Gattuso the rossoneri will be able to create a new generation of future stars.

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