Zvonimir Boban set for imminent sacking

Elliot has decided the imminent sacking of AC Milan chief football officer Zvonimir Boban for just cause.

Deep fracture within AC Milan’s leadership, the scenario is now known. On one side is Ivan Gazidis, on the other there are Zvonimir Boban and Paolo Maldini.

Rumors of high tension within the club had been around for some time, but it was Boban’s recent interview to confirm everything. The motive that mostly caused irreparable damage was Gazidis’ decision to contact Ralf Rangnick without consulting with Boban and Maldini. The Croatian executive made this publicly known, not hiding his irritation.

But the situation has escalated in a short time. Elliott Management Corporation fund, owner of AC Milan, is considering the imminent sacking of Boban for just cause. His interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport is believed to be damaging to the club, since he attacked another director according to Elliot.

There should be a face-to-face meeting between the parties to discuss the matter. According to reports by journalist Nicolo Schira, in the next few hours AC Milan could release an official statement to announce that Boban has been fired. The action should be unilateral, without consensual termination of the existing contract.

Beyond the formula of separation, the relationship between Boban and AC Milan is now at the end of the line. It is impossible for the Croatian former midfielder to continue working with Gazidis, who should inform him shortly about the early termination of his contract. Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara are expected to have the same fate.

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