AC Milan 1-0 Crotone, player ratings

AC Milan start 2018 on the right foot winning against a much weaker side like Crotone. Captain Bonucci scores the decisive goal.

Donnarumma 7: A spectator in the first half. In the second half intervenes well on Trotta’s shot and then on Simy who was about to shot towards the door. A Gigio reborn after some disappointing recent outings.

Calabria 7,5: The best on the pitch today. Grit, heart and intelligence: the young Milan full back defends well every time the ball is in his parts. Pushes always forward and offers some excellent crosses. Pity Cutrone is not able make use of them.

Bonucci 7: First goal of the season in the Rossoneri jersey for the captain, who thanks the goalkeeper Cordaz for the precious (and funny) assist. He celebrates in his own way and gives three precious points to the team. Well in the defensive phase, even if in the final minutes suffers in a couple of occasions the physicality of the newly entered Simy.

Romagnoli 6,5: A good performance for the young centre back, who leaves no space and opportunities for the opponents. Good in marking and pressing on Crotone’s counterattacks.

Rodriguez 6: In the first quarter he is seen often on the opponent’s area but then stops and remains more in defense. His physical condition, perhaps some tactical instructions from coach Gattuso, block him. Does not struggle in the defensive phase.

Kessie 6.5: VAR and referee Maresca unjustly cancel his goal. The Ivorian midfielder does well in both phases and helps Suso on many occasions when the winger has the ball.

Biglia 5.5: He starts badly, with more than one ball lost too naively. Hard to get into the match rhythm, often too static when he gets the ball. In the long run, as happened in the Italian Cup derby, his performance grows and he is no longer error-prone.

Bonaventura 6: Close to scoring on at least two occasions, with goalkeeper Cordaz good to save on both moments. Struggles at the beginning of the match to find balance with Calhanoglu. Fails to create for the rest of the match.

Suso 6,5: Runs much more than usual on his flank, often dribbling on one on one situations. Too bad he is not lethal inside the goal area, and not precise with shots from distance. The good feeling with Kessie is now known, while with Calabria he is creating a new one.

Cutrone 6: Moves well for the team and has a goal opportunity. Ajeti plays dirty and kicks him from the beginning till the end limiting his precision.

Calhanoglu 6,5: The Turk offers another good performance on the wing. He could be far more lethal inside the goal area especially in the second half when Calabria offers him a good ball in the middle of the area he shoots too superficially. Shows great vision of play with a couple of passes that illuminate San Siro.

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