AC Milan sign contracts with 6 new sponsors

In Casa Milan, the work to secure new sponsorship deals intensifies. The rossoneri have signed important contracts with 6 new sponsors.

Since taking charge at AC Milan, CEO Marco Fassone has been relentless trying strengthen the sports and financial future of the rossoneri. He was one of the main figures involved in the transfer of the club’s ownership, from the Berlusconi family to Yonghong Li and now the one trusted to lead the new red and black project.

As reported today by La Gazzetta dello Sport in the newsstands this morning, the club of Via Aldo Rossi has already signed contracts with six new sponsors, although there are currently no news about the possible replacement for Audi. The new technical sponsor to replace Adidas will be Puma. 

Marco Fassone
Marco Fassone, Han Li, Yonghong Li

The German sportswear manufactures will pay a lower fixed fee, believed to be around 12 million euros, but the variable part is considered quite interesting by the Rossoneri club and if there will be a massive sale of jerseys, thanks to royalties, it can match and even surpass the current Adidas fee. Sports results will also be take into account.

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