Fassone reveals Milan plans with or without Champions

Regardless of Champions League qualification or not for next season, AC Milan’s future is secure and today Marco Fassone confirmed it again.

On August 27, interviewed by “The Guardian“, Marco Fassone focused on the Champions League goal and what would be the consequences of a lack of qualification: “At UEFA I presented a more conservative plan showing a progression of the club if we do not reach the Champions League this season. In that case, the investments on the transfer market can not be high and we should also think of selling one of our top players.” These phrases resounded long in the ears of the fans, especially in relation to the team’s difficulties and the gap that was created with the top teams of the class.

STRATEGY – At today’s assembly of small shareholders, held as usual at Casa Milan, the rossoneri CEO was back on the subject, specifying what would happen in the event of Champions League qualification failure. The newly emerging scenario is definitely less “harsh” than what one imagined a few months ago. It is true that in order to fund a few signings AC Milan could sell one of its strongest players, but it would be mainly a technical talk, of improving the team. In addition, the possible sale should not necessarily fall into the so-called “top players”, but would concern those players who would provide a capital gain, such as young players in the first team.

AC Milan 2007 Champions League winner
AC Milan 2007 Champions League winner

MERCATO –Regardless of the future participation or absence in the Champions League. Milan has the duty to do everything to try and achieve this goal, but a “failure” would not coincide with the dismantling of the team, which will keep its lintel and will be strengthened with fewer resources but still with accuracy. In addition, to increase the value of the group it’s not necessarily needed to collect purchases of 30/40 million euros of value, but sometimes it is enough to make small but significant hits on the market. And this could be the winning way if Milan were to give up the revenue of the prestigious European competition.

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