Empoli 1-1 AC Milan, player ratings

Yet again AC Milan drop two points after dominating the game for more than one hour. It ends 1-1 against Empoli and it’s the third consecutive draw for the Rossoneri.

G. Donnarumma 7: Gigio is again at superhero form and makes two miraculous saves on La Gumina and Caputo. At times he seems to be the only real leader on the pitch despite his young age.

Calabria 5,5: At this point the right back position is becoming a liability for Milan. Just like with Atalanta, Calabria seems distracted and puts his squad at risk more then one time, also with the help of Musacchio. Abate is equally non-reliable and Andrea Conti’s return could have been more urgent.

Musacchio 5,5: Caputo runs away from him often and Calabria does not offer a helping hand. It is clear that the Argentine is not the constant performer AC Milan needs.

Romagnoli 4:  Alessio links well with Musacchio but not well enough. The captain is responsible for the penalty in the 70 minute. A silly mistake in the middle of the defense proves to be very costly for the Rossoneri. Romagnoli is feeling the weight of the armband and so far the results are not encouraging.

Laxalt 6: Ricardo Rodriguez should be afraid. The Uruguayan left-back moves throughout the entire flank and helps his teammates up front in a way that the Swiss defender can’t. Unfortunately Higuain is not there to exploit his crosses. Thanks to Donnarumma his mistake with La Gumina does not prove costly.

Kessie 5,5: Is always present in the game and is the dynamo of AC Milan’s midfield. He misses two great opportunities to score in the first half in two similar situations but is not attentive and accurate enough. In the second half he suffers an obvious decline in form and is substituted with Bakayoko.

Biglia 6: Scores his second goal in two years at Milan with a deflected shot at the edge of the box but lowers the tempo in the second half. The Argentine is not a midfielder that can play the entire 90 minutes at the same level.

Bonaventura 6: Certainly the most electric in AC Milan’s midfield. Gattuso asks him to be the main offensive terminal starting from behind but Terracciano tries to sop him at all costs. Not bad but not his best match.

Suso 7: The Spanish right winger is the most vivid among his colleagues. Dribbling, passes and a lot of energy but unfortunately the Empoli goalkeeper is in great form. Suso tries on many occasions to find the back of the net but it was not his day.

Borini 5,5: A false nine in name and facts. Does not make a single shot in the goal rarely offers any contribution. Today he should have been Milan’s centre forward but he is just a mere figurant.

Calhanoglu 5Yet again the wasteful Rossoneri drop two points. After 5 games Milan have only one victory. Third draw in a row for Gattuso’s squad and change does not seem close. Milan lead for an hour but fail to give the final blow when needed. The players lack courage but Gattuso begins to make substitutions only after the 70 minute.

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