Milan-Commisso: Yonghong Li interrupts negotiations, Elliott lurking

At the moment when the sale of AC Milan club seemed closed Yonghong Li has  interrupted negotiations with Rocco B. Commisso.

According to a last minute report by negotiations with Rocco Commisso are temporarily interrupted and sources close to the Italian-American tycoon report his great disappointment as it is the second time that Yonghong Li gets up from the table when documents were about to be signed. Commisso is convinced that he would be able to revive AC Milan because of his great wealth and great knowledge of the football world and that if Mr. Li had closed the club sale in one of the two occasions the ruling result in Nyon would have been different.

The offer would have allowed Yonghong Li to remain in the club as a minority shareholder (at around 20%), while now he will remain hostage to the American fund Elliott. If the current owner of the Rossoneri had accepted Commisso’s offer (read here), now the club would be conducting transfer market business like usual.

In this whole affair, however, nothing is closed definitively, but in doing so the club of Via Aldo Rossi has lost the chance to use the card of the new majority shareholder/investor with UEFA. A move that the Rossoneri may regret in the coming hours.

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