Sky – Milan club situation: three possible scenarios

According to reports by Peppe Di Stefano for Sky Sport 24, there are three scenarios concerning the corporate future of the Rossoneri.

The first is that Marco Fassone manages to reach an agreement for the debt refinancing with Elliott Management Fund. AC Milan need 330 million euros to pay off the debt. If the club succeeds in this mission then Milan would remain under the care of the current leadership.

The second scenario is that Elliott will increase its credit, not only lending another 10 million but also a further 27 for ordinary administrative processes until the end of the season. Elliot would present itself at the meeting with UEFA in mid-April and in this case they would be the virtual owners of AC Milan.

The third scenario is similar to the second but with Elliot Fund predisposed to immediately resell the club to another investor (read here).

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